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Its Time To Tell the Truth To All Innocent Indian Peoples... They Don't The Truth Behind Your Illegal Occupation In Kashmir.. You Keep Them Blinded That Kashmir Is A Part Of Baharat But In Real Situation Is Different!!!

You Killed Many Innocent Kashmiris In The Name Of MUJAHIDDIN. Your Army Imprisoned & Killed Many Mens And Childrens Who Protest Against Brutatilty & Stood Up for The Freedom Of Kashmir. Raped Many Innocent Women For Their Desires & After All This You Think Kashmir Is A Part Of Baharat. We Don't Think So!!!

We Have Some Questions That Does It Bring Anything To You??? Did You Do The Same In Your So Called Country (BAHARAT MAATA / Gay Hind)??? Did Your Religion Give Permission For All The (SINS) You Are Doing In Kashmir???


Killing Innocent People Holding Stones In Their Hands And Are Not Harming You???

Every Nation or group of people / even a single human has a right to live his life with freedom..
Gack to the place where you have come from .. Take your Army Back...!!
Let them live with Peace..

Kindly Support the Cause...
./Pak Cyber Pyrates - Cross Jack Sparrow

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